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In the age of Covid19, things change. What was once offline is now online. For some the transition is easy, but for others, it’s not.

For example, a charity group held a huge annual rummage sale. The members donated tons of items and for a week volunteers sorted and priced everything.

Then people came from all around to buy lots of goodies and went home happy.

Enter Covid19. Everything is now being done virtually via an auction site. Problem: how to get the word out?

There’s social media sites like Facebook and Nextdoor. Then there’s Craigslist, the big classified type of website (not available in all parts of the world.)

That’s a start.

But how about asking members to send out a short, snappy URL to their friends and family in the area?

And maybe texting that memorable URL to friends and asking them to pass it along in conversations to others.

Put this eye-catching URL on posters, too, and post them where ever people are coming and going.

Except, the charity group wouldn’t spring for the $5 (GoDaddy coupon) to get a short URL. Which is a shame because the name of the town with the word ‘sale’ was available. That’s a super easy to remember 9 letter, 2 word URL with a dot com.

But according to the consensus of the committee which knows nothing about marketing, that $5 was just being wasted.

So instead, their URL was something like this:



You see where this is going.

No posters around town. (Who’s going to remember that URL?) 

No word of mouth. No mention in the local paper (they have a limit on URL size.)

Most people didn’t even try to text it to others.

This happens all the time, from the biggest corporations to the smallest one-man businesses.

The marketing minds need $X for their campaign. The bean counters say no. The marketing campaign fails. And everyone blames the marketing team.

Odds are you are your marketing team and you are your own bean counter.

What expense are you saying “no” to that could totally revolutionise your business? 

Is it money for advertising on Facebook? Sure, you might lose money while you’re getting your campaign worked out. But once you figure out what you’re doing, spending $1 to make $2 can be clockwork. But hey, you don’t want to lose that initial money, right?

You want to sell t-shirts, but you know that when you’re first starting your initial 10 or 20 campaigns might be duds. Sure, that 11th or 21st campaign can put you in serious profit, but you don’t want to spend the money to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Maybe you need a website overhaul but you don’t want to hire a professional. Or you need software to automate a process, or rights to a product you can resell like gangbusters, or something that will cost you money now to make more money later. 

Don’t let a $5 or even a $500 investment keep you from success. 

Determine what is a luxury and what is a necessity to get to the next level. Ignore the luxuries (for now) and invest in the necessities. 

Doing so will allow you to buy all the luxuries you want down the road when you’re raking in the dough.



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