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In 1980 the film Raise the Titanic was released. It was a classic cold war story pitting the Americans against the Russians, this time they were competing to see who could get to a mineral that could power next generation defences and weapons first. After some preamble, it is discovered that the mineral they were all after has been loaded onto the RMS Titanic to be shipped to New York, but as we know the Titanic tragically stuck an iceberg and was lost.

In the movie a grand plan to raise the titanic is set in motion, and at this point we head straight into the realms of fiction, as the Titanic is found in one piece at the bottom of the ocean. In truth, it broke in two before sinking and had not been found when this film was made. The grand plan involved siting inflatable pods all along both sides of the Titanic’s hull which would then inflate and bring the ship to the surface.

Similarly, in our lives and businesses we may have a grandiose plan or concept for success or launching our products, but as we work towards fulfilling those plans it is important that we stop and ask ourselves at each juncture not only, “Can I actually do this?” but also “Should I do this?”

Apple under Steve Jobs made it their stock in trade to take an existing product and perfect it, a skill which others have tried to emulate with varying degrees of success.

Could we raise the Titanic, with the technology and innovative skills available? Yes, we could, but should we? The best product is never all that’s needed, it’s the best product for that moment in time, that is needed.


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